About Us

Our Mission

To provide environmentally conscious, luxury chauffeured transportation by using eco-friendly solutions while not compromising service and comfort.

Company Vision

The vision for Driven Eco is to offer a world-class chauffeured transportation service while at the same time reducing the customer's corporate or personal carbon footprint. Driven Eco is dedicated to utilizing new technologies to meet our goal of providing eco-friendly luxury ground transportation. Our core values are as follows:

A Little More About Us

Driven Eco is an eco-friendly chauffeured transportation provider with a global scope. Offering worldwide service capabilities through our Global Affiliate Network, we are available 24/7, 365. Driven Eco is your single point of contact, coordinating your eco-friendly vehicles in every destination.

This is a service industry first, car industry second. We take very seriously the fact that our name, brand and reputation are at stake every time we service a customer. At Driven Eco, we are only as good as our last ride. Our chauffeurs are our most visible sign of professional service. It should be noted that all of these individuals are subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. They are also required to undergo thorough driving and criminal background checks as well as an extensive training program, including defensive driving.

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